Welcome to my blog, Freelance Design Concepts. I hope to bring clarity to simple web theories, industry insight, and open source & web based strategies to business owners, organization leaders, and decision makers. With the underlining tone being “only the most practical approach” – let’s keep it simple.

We will dabble on the technical side of web presences and how they relate and affect sales, marking, branding, advertising, etc. This isn’t a developer’s “how-to” or “you must” nor is it a platform for confrontation, but a medium for my message to be heard by those who might need the advice. I hope that my concepts can act as an introductory for interested parties and how it could positively or negatively affect the image they work so hard to develop.

I am excited to express my philosophy; a philosophy that has worked well for me and my business, past corporate experiences, and most importantly my clients. I plan to have contributors from my partner network. These partners will aid in posting useful and practical advice that will provide a different aspect and point of view on a multitude of topics. There is no one way to reach your desired goals, however, we must be educated to make the right decisions at the right time to increase the probability to ensure success.

Welcome All,
Nick Schick

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